How do We Join?

Membership in Trail Life is by invitation only, so the best way to get started is to check our Meeting Schedule and come to a meeting. Our membership coordinator will send you an email with a link to register online. The national registration fee is about $30. Individual event and trip expenses are shared by the participants. You can join at any time of the year. Your membership will expire 12 months after it begins.

What About Parents?

Trail Life is an all-volunteer organization, so we need parents! The program is designed for Christian men to serve as examples and leaders to the boys in the troop. Please speak to one of the leaders in our troop about ways you can help. All parents who plan to become actively involved are strongly encouraged to become registered adults.

All parents who will be participating in overnight trips with the Navigators or Adventures are required to become registered adults. Registration requires payment of a $30 annual fee, passing a background check, and completing a Child Safety Youth Protection training course.