Boating, Fishing, Ziplining, and Camping in Near-Freezing Temps

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We camped at the Town Creek Fishing Center Campground at Lake Guntersville State Park. We love this site because it's close to all of the amenities of the Park but secluded from the busiest places.

Mr. Charley, Adventurer KC, Adventurer Brock, Navigator Beau, Navigator Ben, Adventurer and First Officer Mark, Navigator Charlie, Navigator Isaiah, Mr. Andrew and Mr. Brad at the Lake Guntersville State Park entrance.

Three views from our campsite: Saturday morning, sunset with Venus Saturday night, and a cold and foggy Sunday morning.

Scenic drive to the State Park.

Our campsite from the water.

Stunning sunset from the Lodge

Outdoor Cooking

We had bacon and eggs for Saturday breakfast, we roasted brats over the fire for Saturday lunch, and had ham and cheese omelets for Sunday breakfast. Saturday dinner was Cajun Crappie in a Lemon Butter Sauce with Parsley and Steamed Broccoli.

Navigators Isaiah and Beau make eggs and bacon

Navigators Charlie and Ben and Adventurer KC keep warm around the fire.

Beau enjoying breakfast.

Father and son, Ken and Adventurer KC, roast brats over the fire.

Outdoor Life

First Officer Mark demonstrated cooking in a milk carton and a paper cup.

Our Flag

Navigator Beau and his dad led a flag retirement ceremony to honor a flag flown at Beau's great-grandfather's house.

Boating & Fishing

Trailmen learned the basics of boating safety and got to captain a pontoon boat and went fishing with bald eagles soaring overhead.


Navigators and Adventurers had a blast on the state's longest zipline course featuring lines up to 190 feet high and 2200 feet long!

Navigator Beau having fun.

Beau coming in on a long line.

Mr. Charley absolutely nails the landing on the longest line in the state.

First Officer Mark appears to have broken.

Navigator Charlie

First Officer Mark

Navigator Beau

Mr. Charley

Father and sons, David, Charlie and Ben

Navigator Beau

Navigator Charlie

Navigator Isaiah

Beau, KC, Brock, Mark, and Isaiah

First Officer Mark

Adventurer Brock

Navigator Beau

Mr. Charley

Navigator Beau prepares to tackle the longest zipline.

Navigator Beau leaves takes off down the longest line...'ll have to squint to see him.

Mr. Charley nails the landing.

Navigator Beau incoming!

Views from the highest zipline tower.

On the way out, Navigators Beau, Ben, and Charlie stopped at High Falls Park.