Open House

Thank you to everyone who came to our Open House! Woodlands Trailmen learned about Ancient Weapons. We cut shields out of cardboard and fathers were challenged to think about the legacy they'll leave for their families, and with their sons had to come up with a family motto to write on the shields. We tested the shields by firing Nerf darts at them and counted the "wounded". Then we taught the boys the Testudo Formation and showed them how we're better when we work together as a group. The boys then tried to knock down bowling pins with a giant slingshot and kickballs.

Navigators and Adventurers working on their Trail Skills Trail Badge learned how to identify dangerous plants and animals with herpetologist Jay Eubanks of Green Snake Education. The boys got to see a rat snake, two kinds of cottonmouths, and rattlesnakes up close, helping them to recognize physical differences in venomous versus non-venomous snakes. Jay also helped the boys identify poisonous plants such as poison oak.

If you were unable to attend the Open House but are interested in learning more about Trail Life, send us an email!