Ninth through Twelfth Grade

As Adventurers, young men ages 14-18 mature in wisdom and faith through more difficult challenges and leadership activities with Christian men walking alongside. They plan and lead outdoor events and large projects while exercising leadership positions in the Troop, even mentoring some of the younger Trailmen.

Adventurers meet weekly and camp 10 times per year. They are self-led with oversight by the Advisor.

Adventurers earn the Journey award when they enter the ninth grade and begin their journey to the highest honor in Trail Life - The Freedom Award.

Journey Trailmen must earn the Citizenship, Emergency Preparedness, Family Man, Outdoor Life, and Personal Resources one Fitness Trail Badge, and ten total elective Trail Badges. They also must complete 20 Servant Service hours per year and serve in leadership roles within the troop.

Horizon Trailmen must complete Freedom Experiences, a Freedom Project, and earn the Worthy Life Award to be considered for the Freedom Award.