Sixth through Eighth Grade

As Navigators, boys age 11-13 gain understanding of their values and beliefs under the guidance of godly male role models through being responsible in outdoor adventures and in their home and school life. They explore areas of interest and earn Trail Badges for advancement.

Navigators meet weekly to learn skills related to their required Trail Badges, and they put those skills to work as they camp 10 times per year.

Navigator patrols are boy-led with oversight by the Trailmaster.

Navigators start as Recruit Trailmen and advance through Able to Ready Trailman by earning Trail Badges and completing Servant Service hours in their community.

Recruit Trailmen must earn four of the nine required Trail Badges plus any three elective badges. Able Trailmen must earn the remaining five Trail Badges plus an additional two electives. In addition to the Trail Badges, Navigators must complete 15 Servant Service hours per year.