Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

Boys on the Woodlands Trail (age 5-10) gain knowledge about outdoor skills, citizenship, character, friendship, and faith through fun activities, awards, and skill instruction. They meet three times per month and learn about a topic from one of seven branches: Heritage, Hobbies, Life Skills, Outdoor Skills, Science & Technology, Sports & Fitness, and Values. At one meeting they may make cardboard shields and learn about Ancient Weapons while the next could be about Christian Service. They also go on at least one adventure, called a Hit the Trail, per month. It could be a visit to a museum, sporting event, day hike, or campout. Woodlands Trailmen camp two to three times per year.

The Woodlands Unit is overseen by the Ranger. Woodlands Trailmen are further divided into patrols. Kindergarteners and first graders make up the Fox patrol, second and third graders are Hawks, and fourth and fifth graders are Mountain Lions. Each patrol is led by a Trail Guide.

When a Fox or Hawk demonstrates knowledge of the Trail Life Oath, Motto, Sign, Salute, and Handshake and the US Pledge of Allegiance, he is awarded his patrol's Branch Patch. Mountain Lions must also demonstrate the proper technique for folding an American Flag.

Each branch on the patch represents an area of study: Heritage, Life Skills, Science & Technology, Hobbies, Values, Sports & Fitness, and Outdoor Skills. When a Trailmen attends meetings and events, he earns steps towards a pin for each branch.

When a Trailmen earns all seven Branch Pins, he is presented with his Forest Award. Additional meeting and event participation can earn a Sylvan Star for each branch of study.