Meteor Shower

Trailmen will travel to Roland Cooper State Park to test their cold-weather camping skills and to view the Geminids Meteor Shower from a dark site.

Vital Info


Navigators & Adventurers


December 10-11, 2022


Roland Cooper State Park
285 Deer Run Drive
Camden, AL 36726

Trail Badges

Camping (Reqs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6b, 7)
Fire Ranger (1-6)
Woods Tools (8)


$41 per camper

Light pollution map with Roland Cooper State Park marked with a pin.


After a day of honing their camping, fire-tending, and woodsman skills, Trailmen will row jon boats to the middle of Millers Ferry Reservoir to watch the Geminids Meteor Shower under a sky with almost no light pollution.